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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

r2sm activates video recording of your surroundings and location, captures and relays the same to your PST (Personal Security Team - contacts you save inside r2sm to notify in case of an emergency) over sms and e-mails every minute. Just tap the ‘Power Key’ 5 times or hold the ‘Down Volume Key’ for 30 seconds. Your PST starts getting smses and emails with the link to your location and the video as attachment. This ensures that help reaches you within minutes and you are saved from any harm.

You can activate r2sm without looking at the phone as you know where the power or volume keys are. This does not draw the criminals’ attention to your phone and they do not get to know that you have already called for help, until help reaches you.

Features and Benefits-

1. The activation of r2sm does not draw the aggressors’ attention. You can Activate/Deactivate r2sm in different ways:

  • i. Power Key: Tap the ‘Power Key’ 5 times quickly to Activate / Deactivate r2sm.
  • ii. Down Volume Key: Hold the down ‘Down Volume Key’ for 30seconds to Activate / Deactivate r2sm.
  • iii. ‘Start Recording’: Tap the ‘Start Recording’ button on the Homepage to Activate / Deactivate.

2. When activated, r2sm starts video/audio recording. If you activate it while it is inside your purse, handbag, pocket, under the pillow etc. the video will obviously not show anything but surrounding sounds including yours and the aggressors' will be recorded.

3. r2sm simultaneously starts capturing your location.

4. In case when you are surrounded/harassed by unwanted elements, activate the app and hold the phone facing your attackers (even for 2-3 minutes will be enough, if you can’t hold it longer – a video of 2-3 minutes should be enough to identify attackers) WITHOUT LOOKING AT PHONE, then keep the phone in your pocket (or hand bag). The attackers may think that you are scared/stupid enough not to even use your phone.

5. Maintain a safe distance (or run away from them).Hold them/engage them for as long as you can (30 minutes or so would be good to get you help). Do not take any incoming calls or messages as the attackers won’t allow you to use your phone. The attackers will immediately snatch the phone if they see you trying to use it. Remember, your phone is the best & only way to connect to your PST & get help faster. So keep your attackers’ attention away from your phone.

6. In case you are running away or you are forcefully being taken away, emails with your changing location will tell your PST, the direction & the speed at which you are moving.

7.r2sm relays the video/audio along with your current location to your PST every minute, till you deactivate the app or the battery dies down. Do not deactivate r2sm till you are sure you have conveyed your current location.

8. Most people are able to engage the aggressors for initial 30 - 60 minutes, and in most cases your PST will ensure you receive help before getting hurt.

9. Significantly, the culprits get identified, proof collected and saved on incoming mail boxes of your PST. Even if aggressors destroy your phone, they cannot destroy the proof. They will most likely be caught and punished.

10. In case a call comes in while you have activated r2sm, the alerts do not buzz. You don't need to draw aggressors' attention to your phone, which is your only gateway to your contacts in an hour of emergency.

Please read each word in the app carefully and try activating/deactivating r2sm few times. Also let your PST know that they have saved you as PST in r2sm and that they will receive your sms/emails in case of an emergency in future. This step will help you when you are in need of their help. Test r2sm on a fixed date every month. This will ensure that you are able to use r2sm when you need to use it.

The above is the Best Case Scenario, please do your best to use the above suggestions or improve upon them for better safety.

Bad times never intimate their arrival in advance!

Wish you a safe Living!