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For attention of Personal Security Team (Contacts inside r2sm)

When you receive an emergency call for help, do not panic. Your well thought efforts would save the person requesting your help. Please follow these guidelines (If you have not seen your mail and received sms) -

1. Immediately check your mail! You may be receiving a mail seeking your help every minute, as the video/audio and location details are captured and relayed to you by r2sm on a single command by the person requesting your help. r2sm is programmed to be useful in cases where the victim tries to run away or the attackers try to take the targeted victim to some other location. The mails with location details, keeps you updated with the latest location of the person in need of your help, every minute.

2. Check the most recent mail which has an attachment in it.

    a. The attachment is the video of the surroundings of the person calling for your help. If you are able to see the people targeting your loved one, you may not need to open other videos until you have time to spend on the same. You are now aware of the number of aggressors present, their intentions and the harm they are planning to inflict.

    b. The link in the body of the mail is the GPS location of the person seeking your help. To know their current/latest location, open the link in the latest location link.

3. The mail and sms would have gone to some other people as well in addition to you. DO NOT ASSUME that others will help. They may not be in a position to help as: a. their phones could be on silent mode, b. they could be busy in a meeting, c. they are in a noisy area and are unable to listen to the alerts, d. their phone is being charged in another room etc. Hence YOU HAVE TO ACT immediately.

4. Take or call people to the location where help is required. People arriving to help should outnumber the number of aggressors.

5. Call police if required.

6. If help is needed in a city/locality where you do not know anyone, it may be a good idea to call ‘Online Directories’ like Just Dial, Yellow Pages, Sulekha etc. and ask for the contact numbers of Grocers, Medical Stores, Restaurants, Doctors, Automobile Garages and the local police station in the target area.

7. Next, start calling these numbers and request the person receiving your call to reach the location to help.

8. Even if you can’t reach the site of attack on time, some of the people alerted by your calls would have already reached and started to save your loved one.